Sam Deanne
Sam Deanne 14 Jan 2018

Hi everyone. I am in a very messed up situation where i am getting married...

Hi everyone. I am in a very messed up situation where i am getting married in first week of March abroad and i have no savings, no family, i have to make all the arrangements myself and i am struggling. I am so stressed as i am falling apart, i love this man and i cant wait to marry him but what do i do? I need at least £5000-£6000 for everything, i dont have anyone who would help me out, everyone that i know are enjoying watching me suffer but no one has bothered to offer help once. I have been looking for loans but because my credit rating is Fair, i keep getting declined. Kindly help me out.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 14 Jan 2018

Sam, have you paid deposits? I think in this situation you may need to kiss them goodbuy and decide on a small wedding here. If things are that bad you can get married for less than £100 in a registry office if it is just 4 people. It is the marriage that should count and not the wedding.

Sophie Wharton
Sophie Wharton 14 Jan 2018

If people are happily watching you suffer, happily remove them from the guest list . No place for people like those on your happiest day of your life x

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 15 Jan 2018

Completely agree with Sophie.

Rhona Sandison
Rhona Sandison 15 Jan 2018

You should be able to enjoy the time planning a wedding, I would say that it's more important to get married rather than where it is etc if it's causing you to be really stressed. Keep speaking to your husband to be about things too

Xanthea Constable
Xanthea Constable 15 Jan 2018

Sorry but I don’t understand why you need financial support, I understand it’s “traditional” for parents to help pay towards the wedding but in some cases this is obviously not possible. Why are you and your fiancé not funding this on your own and why would you leave it so late to book/pay for things that needed paying for or if you knew you weren’t in the position to fund it, book something so extravagant? Before everyone jumps on me with criticism at being blunt this isn’t a Dig or an attack just trying to get an understanding.

Kayleigh Garbett
Kayleigh Garbett 18 Jan 2018

Sorry but I have to say I totally agree with what Xanthea has said.


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