Jessica Paine
Jessica Paine 12 Jan 2018

Right.. HONEST OPINIONS please ladies!!! I’m not getting married till 13th...

Right.. HONEST OPINIONS please ladies!!! I’m not getting married till 13th July 2019. My colour is lavender purple and sunflower yellow (both me&HTB love lavender! And my favourite colour is yellow) These are also my chosen flowers. I’ll be having a mix of the two flowers for my bouquet My bridesmaid will be in yellow dresses with a lavender bouquet, flower girls in purple dresses with a single sunflower and the men will have a small sunflower with a couple of strands of lavender in their pocket. Do you think it will go?!

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 12 Jan 2018

Hi I think this scheme will work really well :)

Demi McGarry
Demi McGarry 13 Jan 2018

That sound lovely. They will all look amazing with being different x

Rebecca Grogan
Rebecca Grogan 14 Jan 2018

That sounds lovely :)

Sharon  Fowles
Sharon Fowles 18 Jan 2018

Wouldnt be my choice to have yellow dresses, but the 2 colours go really well together so as long as you & the ladies wearing them are happy go for it... My ex sister in law had yellow for her brides maids back in the 80's they looked lovely, though they had puffy sleeves & big full skirts. (typical of the era)

Samantha Organ
Samantha Organ 21 Jan 2018

Have you tried Forrester park near Maldon? They do great prices and weekday bookings and it's a stunning venue x


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