Cara Boyle
Cara Boyle 7 Jan 2018

What to go for fake or real flowers? I like the smell of real flowers but...

What to go for fake or real flowers? I like the smell of real flowers but not so much the price. What are you doing or have you any other ideas?

Katie Bolton
Katie Bolton 7 Jan 2018

I’m going for fake flowers as they’re cheaper and I won’t be worrying on the day about anyone damaging the petals or the arrangement. Less worrying = happy bride 👰

Saphire Cartlidge
Saphire Cartlidge 7 Jan 2018

I'm having fake flowers made of paper, I'm making them myself, much cheaper and means I can keep my bouquet :)

Nicola Smithson
Nicola Smithson 7 Jan 2018

Fake flowers all the way. Means I can get them when ready and keep them afterwards :-)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 8 Jan 2018

Fresh flowers to carry for bridesmaid and myself. Artificial flowers (roses) for centre pieces and around. Intend to use some lovely liz earle No. 100 to spray the artificial ones with to make them smell nice.

Lisa James
Lisa James 8 Jan 2018

I'm having fake x

Joanne Currell
Joanne Currell 10 Jan 2018

Use fake for some decorations and real for bouquets or decor that's in close quarters. Depending on your style, you can buy buckets of mixed fresh flowers for a reasonable price. Good for a vintage feel wedding without formal centrepieces

Hannah Owen
Hannah Owen 14 Jan 2018

im haing fake so i can keep them for ever and their cheaper


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