Rachel Knights
Rachel Knights 5 Jan 2018

We are having a hand fasting ceremony for our big day, so we have to have a...

We are having a hand fasting ceremony for our big day, so we have to have a legal wedding too. I only wanted a really small thing because it's not, in my mind, as special as our 'real' wedding day with all our family and friends. However the registry office where we are having it is really grand and really don't know what to wear. I don't want to wear my wedding dress or buy something else that I won't wear again, but I don't want to be totally under-dressed either. Do you think a nice maxi dress (that could be put to use on Honeymoon) would work? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated :)

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 5 Jan 2018

Hi You can wear whatever you like :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 5 Jan 2018

A nice maxi dress sounds lovely. How you dress really depends on you and how many and who, if anyone, you are taking with you.

Jade Pelham
Jade Pelham 15 Jan 2018

Ohhh that sounds lovely personally I might choose a nice white knee length dress for that and dye it black or my favourite colour afterwards to wear as an anniversary dress or something? X

Cerys Fears
Cerys Fears 15 Jan 2018

Is it a specific pagan handfasting or did you just want to incorporate one? I ask because CofE and registry office will perform one as part of the ceremony so you might not need two ceremonies.

Ramune Aleknauskaite
Ramune Aleknauskaite 16 Jan 2018

Have a look on Chi chi London website, they have some beautiful dresses and often have sale on so prices are very reasonable


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