Hannah Owen
Hannah Owen 14 Dec 2017

does anyone else worry that they want afford their wedding and have to call...

does anyone else worry that they want afford their wedding and have to call it off last minute its my worst worry even though i'm ahead i'm constantly panicking !!!!!

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 14 Dec 2017

I'm concerned about how much everything is costing, particularly as we may be moving house beforehand and will have to find extra funds. However, we are just being careful as we go along and try to remember that things do tend to work out in the end. Worrying never did anything except spoil things and make people ill so it is always best to try not to.

Vicki Allen
Vicki Allen 14 Dec 2017

I have found lots of ways to save money by looking on Pinterest and instead of buying everything I have looked at how I can make it. Making things takes time but I think more personal. But don't worry, I am sure your wedding will still be perfect. x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Dec 2017

Yep I found myself doing this nearly the whole way through

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Dec 2017

I haven't started planning properly yet but this is my biggest worry!! I can't believe I am saying this but I'm even considering saving the money and then Booking everything last minute?! I'm crazy I know!!!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Dec 2017


UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Dec 2017

We had a figure that we wanted to spend as a maximum for the wedding. We then did an excel spreadsheet detailing everything we needed to spend and put a rough budget of expected cost for each item I.e. suits x 8 -£1000, wedding dress £1500, invites/rsvp - £250 etc. Then We then tracked everything we spent (actual cost) i.e. suits £925, wedding dress £799, invites £345 etc. so we knew we were on target or if we were going over budget! That way you can see exactly what you are spending and on what, and if you have a set budget you can shop around to try and come within your price range, that way there should be no surprises! Good luck x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Dec 2017

We saved up before booking which meant we didn't have to stress and could then save for a honeymoon of a life time. We are good savers though. Would recommend also diying things like invites, table plan, sweet cart etc. And don't pay deposits out for things unless you are sure you need it and have the money to pay for it

Bethany Smith
Bethany Smith 14 Dec 2017

There's this app called Bridebook, you can update your budget daily or even hourly if you're really concerned lol. It's been a massive help for me. You set all the prices so it works with whatever budget you've got and you can delete things you don't need for example I deleted transport because we're staying at the hotel the night before and after the wedding.

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Teresa Burns
Teresa Burns 14 Dec 2017

I did then i calmed myself down with as long as the hictor aor registrar is paid ( first thing you pay when book ) the hubby turns up i turn up rhen everything else is a bonus . Your can celebrate in the house or local pub if need be with friends and family. The important part is you got each other . Its not worth worrying and stressing it will only cause you upset. Have a wonderfull day and wedding xx congratulations

Sara Hughes
Sara Hughes 14 Dec 2017

Yep. Panicking at the very thought does my head in but can't help it. Try to speak to the other half about it but men dont understand xx

Scott Sanders
Scott Sanders 14 Dec 2017

Yep really worrying about this atm xx

Gemma Collins
Gemma Collins 14 Dec 2017

Mine is booked for 2years and 7 months away and we have the money now but it's still scary ha ha
Want to carry on saving so we can buy a house not long after and need the honeymoon money too
So save save save

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Dec 2017

That's why we got everything booked as early as possible so we knew exactly how much we needed. We've been regimented with our savings and where possible have paid things off in full early rather than wait and pay everything when it's due as that means paying out a lot a couple of months before the wedding...if you know how much you need and you know you can afford it stop stressing :) if you can pay any big things off up front I recommend doing it as its such a relief to know that things are sorted.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Dec 2017

Yup all the time, I've managed to silence that voice with chocolate tho!!

Crystal Hood
Crystal Hood 14 Dec 2017

This is a daily worry! 😏

Hazel Cottrell
Hazel Cottrell 15 Dec 2017

We wrote down everything we wanted and counted the months to the wedding and broke down the budget month by month as what we need to pay, with 3 additional months at the end for any financial changes or extra money towards honeymoon - it's certainly put my mind at rest!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Dec 2017

Nope. You save what you can and do you can afford. Would be stupid to start a life together by getting yourself into debts or bad credit
just due to spending for ONE day of your life. Would rather use extra savings towards the honeymoon or more permanent things like a house or savings for our future children. A wedding isn't about all the material stuff. If you've really found the love of your life, none of that will matter because that person is the greatest prize and just them being with you will make that day phenomenal. If people feel a need to focus on 'stuff' and making the wedding as extravagant as possible, they have lost the real meaning of what a wedding is for. Less is more and less is more meaningful.

Hannah Owen
Hannah Owen 11 Jan 2018

thanks all for writing back, i met with my wedding planners today and after a couple hours with them i've started to de-stress a little i thinks its because we are getting closer . claire s u must have a big budget for invites to be that pricy mine was less then 40 pound my budget is as low as i could get and if i need to cut anything else out i totallly would to me its only about marrying him not the day xx

Lyn Rajah
Lyn Rajah 12 Jan 2018

Hi Hannah,

I know exactly what you mean!

I had a tight fixed budget in mind and other costs are creeping in.

My close friend suggested leaning on friends for their skills to keep costs down eg someone makes a cake, someone DJs etc. I’ve sacrifced any treats this month like takeaways etc to save every spare penny! Hopefully, all will go smoothly and you’ll be totally fine. :-)

Hannah Owen
Hannah Owen 14 Jan 2018

hi lyn i have been doing same asked friends to help with make up they are evening helping pay for their dresses etc and cutting out all crap up till the day if i can make it that long ha ha xx thanks x

Josie Long
Josie Long 2 Feb 2018

I worry too. Hence why we have set ourselves a budget and are going to make what we can ourselves. We booked our venue today for August 2020. We are moving house next month and didnt want to be so caught up with that and doing it up that we forgot lol. Will be sorting the church as soon as we can too. Then its save save save. Luckily i have friends doing the photography and flowers so that will definitely help with our budget. 2 and half years to save is good in my eyes :-) xx

Mary Green
Mary Green 7 Feb 2018

I haven’t even booked and I’m already worrying!!!! We are in the middle of buying a house so scared about dates!!


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