Karen Laud
Karen Laud 4 Dec 2017

Hello, we are hoping to get married in 2019. It is the second time for...

Hello, we are hoping to get married in 2019. It is the second time for both of us and we are in our 40's. Ideally we would love to get married at the same place we hold the reception. I have the idea of wanting a Vintage Afternoon Tea wedding instead of the usual 3 or 4 course wedding breakfast. Has anyone done this before? I'm struggling to find a venue all in one that will be able to offer the afternoon tea. We don't necessarily want an evening do as I have a severe dislike to dancing ( it's my ultimate fear).. Any advice would be welcome?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 4 Dec 2017

Hi I am having my wedding and reception in the same place. Where are you based :)

Dianne Few
Dianne Few 4 Dec 2017

Where are you ? The Worthing Dome on Worthing front right by the beach does offer just this facility and its reasonably priced

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 6 Dec 2017

Where are you based?

Donna Winter
Donna Winter 9 Dec 2017

We're looking at afternoon tea, 2 out of the 3 venues we looked at offered an afternoon tea option, but we had to ask if it was available. I started by looking for places that serves afternoon tea in general and went from there. Good luck in your search. X


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