UKbride Member Request 15 Nov 2017

Please post for me, anyone NOT had bridesmaids/best man? I don’t really...

Please post for me, anyone NOT had bridesmaids/best man? I don’t really feel like I have any friends who want to share my thoughts and excitement, someone tried organising a hen party and before the date was organised everyone is too busy

UKbride Member 15 Nov 2017

Thats so sad 😞
Have you and your fiance thought about eloping of getting married somewhere in the UK other than your home town? That way, you can keep it small and invite only your nearest and dearest. You don't have to have bridesmaids or a best man, just nominate two people to sign the register. Xxxxx

UKbride Member 15 Nov 2017

Sorry, meant to say I know how you feel re friends letting you down.
Your wedding and who you have in your wedding party is entirely your choice. Remember that, despite what anyone else says. Xxxxxxx

Steph V
Steph V 15 Nov 2017

That must be so upsetting that you have no-one to share your excitement. Bridesmaids/bridesman is not a necessity, my mum actually didn’t have any. Don’t feel you have to have them because others do. It’s your wedding you do whatever you want :)

UKbride Editor
UKbride Editor 16 Nov 2017

That's really sad to hear - have you spoken to your friends about how you feel? It might be worth having a sit down and talk it through with them. Ultimately, it's your day so you can do it however you like - if you don't want any bridesmaid or a best man, you don't need to have them :) Hope this helps! x

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 16 Nov 2017

There is no need to have a bridesmaid or best man. It can be a difficult decision to make in any event. I don't know when your wedding is but if it is still some way away it may be because of that. If it is close then perhaps you could have a small intimate wedding and spend your money on a wonderful holiday instead. xx

Patricia Hales
Patricia Hales 16 Nov 2017

It’s a shame but remember as long as you have the important people around you and your marrying your dream man don’t worry about anything else. Unfortunately from past events/experience I don’t have many close friends myself (for personal reasons) and the 3 adult bridesmaids I thought I could rely on have all let me down in one way or another which is sad, my mother in law has been brilliant and I have my wonderful aunt. My best friend is being a witness and after reading a different post I thought I could have a man of honor instead. I didn’t think of it before.
Good luck everything will turn out ok

Grace Claydon
Grace Claydon 19 Nov 2017

As long as you are happy, remember its yours and your partners day, nobody elses. Have a fabulous wedding x


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