Samantha Clayden
Samantha Clayden 14 Nov 2017

Hi everyone, hope all your planning is going well! I have a question...

Hi everyone, hope all your planning is going well! I have a question regarding menu options for the 3 course evening meal. We will be offering a choice between chicken and beef or possibly pork for the main but would people be expecting a choice for their starter and desserts too? Is their an etiquette to this or is it okay to just offer one option (obviously any dietary requirements/restrictions will have an option or adaption to suit them) I’m thinking more for the majority. Thanks xo

Rakha Lanji
Rakha Lanji 14 Nov 2017

I'd say starters and dessert can be set to what you choose, so the same for everyone exactly dietary like u said x

Steph V
Steph V 14 Nov 2017

I've never been given the option of 2 starters or desserts at a wedding before but have on main courses. Instead of making things complicated I would leave starters and desserts as a set menu as your list for food will be quite large.
Hope this helps :)

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 15 Nov 2017

Hi I would stick to one item for starters and desserts :)

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 15 Nov 2017

I've never been given an option for main at a wedding- just meat or veg. So I don't think people will expect a choice for all of them.
I'd stick to just doing it for main course

Sophie Nairn
Sophie Nairn 15 Nov 2017

We had choices for all 3 courses - you have to check and pass on dietary requirements anyway and if you're doing a main course option then it really isn't any extra practical work to offer other choices :) we had a meaty and a veggie starter; chicken, pork and veggie mains; and a chocolatey and a fruity dessert. Got a real mix of choices and it allowed guests to really enjoy their meal :) just remember to design your invites and RSVPs accordingly :)

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 15 Nov 2017

It's entirely up to you. Most weddings I've been to the options have been vegetarian or meat unless other dietary requirements are given. We'll only be doing one for each so meat eaters will get what we have chosen. We are trying to keep it safe but at the end of the day you can't please everyone.


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