Beckie Wilkinson
Beckie Wilkinson 14 Nov 2017

Save the dates... me and my fiancé are sending out save the dates but we...

Save the dates... me and my fiancé are sending out save the dates but we want RSVP’s as well, the ones I’ve seen don’t look great anyone seen any good options for save the date cards with RSVPs?!

Rakha Lanji
Rakha Lanji 14 Nov 2017

Try creating them yourself if you enjoy that sort of thing x

Steph V
Steph V 14 Nov 2017

Why do you need RSVP’s with save the dates? I thought you put RSVP’s with the invitations.
We are doing our own DIY invites and save the dates as you can create exactly what you want.

Sophie Nairn
Sophie Nairn 14 Nov 2017

agreed, why would you want an RSVP from a save the date? as long as you send your invites out a good few months before the wedding then you'll have plenty time to organise table plans etc.
However, if you're set on it, then I'd find a seller on Etsy for example that you like the style of and then ask them to custom make you a design to include an RSVP.

Emily Vincent
Emily V 14 Nov 2017

There is no need to put an RSVP on a save the date. A save the date is a heads up for your guests not an invitation....

Carole Birchall
Carole Hart 15 Nov 2017

I got my rsvp s from vistaprint and invites really good ones and I put pics of our engagement on them


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