Shara Tomkinson
Shara Tomkinson 11 Nov 2017

Hi guys. I’ve been out looking for bridesmaids dresses and was totally...

Hi guys. I’ve been out looking for bridesmaids dresses and was totally shocked to find they start at about £165 call me niave but was wondering where online or what shops in the uk (I’m based in cheshire but will probably travel) that has reasonable prices I was hoping about £100. Have looked online at eBay ect but wasn’t sold but any opinion or advice would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you!

Kirsty Suckling
Kirsty Suckling 11 Nov 2017

Hi, Have you tried looking in high street shops instead of Bridal specific (BHS and Debenhams have bridal wear and formalwear section you could try). If not there are several online stores that do bridesmaids dresses under £100, but you can't try before you buy so if it comes wrong you then have an issue.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 11 Nov 2017

Little Mistress have some lovely dresses. My bridesmaids was about £75. I bought from Debenhams online.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 11 Nov 2017

Hi wed2b have bridesmaid dresses from £79 and prom dresses suitable for bridesmaid's from £39 :)

Stephanie Sandall
Stephanie Sandall 11 Nov 2017

I got my girls their dresses for £21 off Amazon! They fit them perfectly and they both look good. I found it key to leave out the word bridesmaid and just search for formal dresses!

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 11 Nov 2017

Chi chi London! They are really good, have a look in your local Debenhams

E Wilson
E Wilson 11 Nov 2017

A lot of highstreet stores have beautiful dresses. Chi chi London have a really nice bridesmaid range.

Iona Lambert
Iona Lambert 12 Nov 2017

High street shops are the way to go, Debenhams, quiz, or even Amazon 😊

Julie Bradford
Julie Bradford 12 Nov 2017

Quiz have a great selection xx

Kim Glover
Kim Glover 12 Nov 2017

Try a website called they had a stand at the national wedding show and had some lovely dresses at reasonable prices ranging from about £60-100 xx

Sharron Giles Wood
Sharron Giles Wood 13 Nov 2017

All my bridesmaid dresses cost less than £50 and I bought them from buy and sell sites on's just trawling through and keeping an eye out

Lauren Keable
Lauren Keable 13 Nov 2017

'That Special Day' - they are online and some of their dresses start at £20! Will definitely be looking on there for my bridesmaid dresses as a cheaper option

Deanna Murray
Deanna Murray 13 Nov 2017 have some nice ones for 35 pounds

Katie Anscombe
Katie Anscombe 16 Nov 2017

I got mine from Yours clothing, only paid £30 per dress. They start at size 16, but at that price I didn't mind if alterations were needed.

Emma Richardson
Emma Richardson 17 Nov 2017

HI I have seen that little mistress have 25% off bridesmaid dresses which ends Monday x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 3 Dec 2017

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