UKbride Member Request 1 Nov 2017

Hello guys, has anyone got prices or info on what videography covers please?

Hello guys, has anyone got prices or info on what videography covers please?

Rhiannon Robson
Rhiannon Robson 2 Nov 2017

From my research it is a lot like photography, completely depends on what you want and the individual or company. We have gone for a package of photography and videography just short of £3000.
When we were getting quotes for videography we were getting quotes between 800-1500 xx

Gemma Harris
Gemma Harris 2 Nov 2017

My videographer cost £1500 because it was top of my list. I was looking at companies that are charging £3000 and would have gone with them but I fell in love with the one I chose and they look even better than most of the expensive ones. For that we get films of ceremony and speeches in full, one 20 minute highlights film (covering getting ready till first dance) and a 30 second teaser. A lot of companies also include a 3-5 minute highlights film. I'm paying a bit more on top of £1500 to have this extra.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 2 Nov 2017

Depends on what you want. I wasn't so keen on a long video so we chose a videographer where we will just get a 10-15 minute full cinematic short clip of our day, with all the highlights, plus the full speeches and ceremony. We got photo and video package all together for £3,400. We did see some videographers which were into the thousands but it all really depends what you are expecting from it, what you want to have to look back on after the day

Alaska-Lily Morrison
Alaska-Lily Morrison 3 Nov 2017

Our videographer is about £1000 but we got 15% off for booking at a wedding fair so it's less than that now.

He covers from bridal prep to after the first dance/a fair bit into the evening reception.

We get a "trailer" video and then a fully edited video of the day... We also recently had an pre wedding shoot with him which was amazing. X


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