Emily Smith
Emily Smith 19 Oct 2017

Just started planning and I Don't even know where to start.. HELP!!!

Just started planning and I Don't even know where to start.. HELP!!!

Lizzy Carter
Lizzy Carter 19 Oct 2017

Look for a good checklist online. Pintrest is good for ideas! Good luck and Congratuations! x

Steph V
Steph V 19 Oct 2017

You can always purchase a wedding planner from hobby craft if you don't already own one, I use mine all the time, so much help!.
Always work your budget out first because the last thing you want to do is visit a venue that is way out of your budget.
And weddings shows are a must and so much fun 😊

Rebecca watson
Rebecca watson 19 Oct 2017

most of the wedding magazines have a check list in them which are useful.
I've got myself a planner pad that's split into sections so I can organise and have things clearly set out.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 19 Oct 2017

Hi look at venues once you have decided on one provisionally book it, then see your Vicar or registrar to see if date you want is available :)

Chloe Marsh
Chloe Marsh 19 Oct 2017

Pintrest, wedding shows and bridal magazines from sainsburys or tescos or wherever hasd them

Hope this helps xxxx

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 19 Oct 2017

This site has a budget planner.

Jaki Green
Jaki Green 20 Oct 2017

I’ve got a notepad especially for everything, front half is lists of payments, phone numbers and emails, prices etc.
Middle is our guest names for ceremony and reception.
The back is for questions for our co-ordinator and notes.
I brought a wedding planner but barely use it!
Try not to stress and enjoy it all x x


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