Courtney Arliss
Courtney Arliss 17 Oct 2017

I've been engaged for a month and am really looking to start planning the...

I've been engaged for a month and am really looking to start planning the wedding, we have a very long time to plan this wedding as I'm currently pregnant and we'd like our baby to be part of the big day, the big question is where do I start and how can I prepare for a wedding as well as a baby?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 17 Oct 2017

Hi you need to look at venues once you have decided on one you will have to provisionally book it, then you will have to check either with registrar or church to see if date you want is available :)

Steph V
Steph V 17 Oct 2017

I feel the first thing that needs to be chosen is your budget (specially as you're expecting) and you need to decide on a date if you have not already, once you have a date then you can start really looking at venues. Also go to wedding fares, just enjoy it as well!

Jaki Green
Jaki Green 22 Oct 2017

Definitely agree with Steph, figure your budget first, then date, venues and the rest will be much easier than childbirth 🙈 good luck x x

Courtney Arliss
Courtney Arliss 14 Nov 2017

Thanks so much for the help 😊

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 14 Nov 2017

Thats so lovely that you are planning your big day for your baby to be a part of!
Yes definitely budget date and venue and then everything else can fall in to place. Pinterest and wedding fairs are great places for inspo. Good luck


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