Vikky Fishwick
Vikky Fishwick 11 Oct 2017

Thrifty brides!! I really dont have a big budget (or a big invite list tbh)...

Thrifty brides!! I really dont have a big budget (or a big invite list tbh) so I'm trying to be super thrifty so I can spend more on other things like photographer and venue. I plan on making my own invites, favours, center pieces and even my cake! Is anyone else doing this? Is there anything else I can be thrifty with?

Emily Baxter
Emily Baxter 11 Oct 2017

Yes i am also making my own cake, center pieces and invites and im also making my seating plan and place cards because i wabt to choose were people sit as im having like 120 to 150 people im also decorating my venue as well

Sonia Taylor
Sonia Taylor 11 Oct 2017

In all honesty I went to the Birmingham NEC to a wedding show and i picked up a dab bargin with a photographer his photos and reviews are amazing and we got him for £495 as it was a deal at the show if you booked then and only had to leave a £20 deposit if I hadn't booked then his usual pricing would of been £995-£1995 so maybe worth a wedding show visit as you can pick up real bargins. Good luck xx

E Wilson
E Wilson 11 Oct 2017

I am making all of the above. I am also making our flowers out of paper. There are some really good and really easy tutorials. Our entire wedding will be made by us.

Samantha Randles
Samantha Randles 12 Oct 2017

I’m doing all the same too! Also going to make my seating plan up & all other decorations for the venue. Although I’m trying to source bits and bobs off friends and family to cut costs down, you can get some really lovely wedding things from cheap places like poundworld and B&M! Another way I’m cutting costs is with the dresses, I’m getting bridesmaids dresses from the high street because they are just as lovely and so much cheaper! The ones I’m currently looking at getting are only £30 each.

Kay Sanders
Kay Sanders 15 Oct 2017

I think this is brilliant! Places like the works do loads of arts and craft things now geared at weddings. I saw someone make their own seating plan by buying cheap photo frames, painting them and sticking together before mounting it on an easel! X

Suki Emery
Suki Emery 23 Oct 2017

I’m doing everything DIY! I feel I can make it ‘more us’ by doing it myself ☺️

Laura Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson 24 Oct 2017

Yep me too. We eBay is great for little things like favourites bags and craft stuff. I'm steeling a lot of inspiration from pintrest. My friend is a florist and I'm having artificial flowers to save cash but you tube has great tutorials. Luckily another friend is makeup artist. Gonna buy my cake from supermarket and jazz it up with adding chocolate and fruit. X


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