Susie Booth
Susie Booth 7 Oct 2017

So I contacted my registry office to ask when I could book for June 2019...

So I contacted my registry office to ask when I could book for June 2019 (expecting it to be about June 2018) and there said the diary for 2019 only opens on 1St December 18!! Meaning if I want to book my evening reception venue before its a gamble and could lose our deposit. Has anyone else had this problem?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Oct 2017

Hi everyone else I have heard has booked 1 year in advance:)

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 7 Oct 2017

We booked our venue before our registrar and it wasn't a problem. Just set a reminder on your phone to book on the first date you can.

Lucy Mumberson
Lucy Mumberson 7 Oct 2017

We booked our registrar 2 years in advance so 6 months before seems a bit late, is this the case for all the registry offices near you?

Rachel Hall
Rachel Hall 7 Oct 2017

We provisionally booked registrar 2 years before wedding date and have confirmed today (11 months to the day) xx

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 9 Oct 2017

I would be inclined to call again. You may have got someone who got the wrong end of the stick as to what you wanted. Notice of marriage cannot be given more than 12 months ahead and the date confirmed 28 days later but I think you should be able to provisionally book your wedding before than.


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