Roberts Janet
Toni Bennett 16 Sep 2017

Myself and my fiance are going to my brother's wedding next month and we...

Myself and my fiance are going to my brother's wedding next month and we only get paid monthly (my mum's helping us with coach fares as she offered to help us), but I don't have a clue where we can find something white for my fiance and something pink for me (my brother and his fiance are having a pink n white theme for their wedding and my fiance refuses to wear anything pink (my brother has already said that my fiance can wear something white), but we will only have our next payday to buy our clothes. I'm a big lady (I need at least a size 20). My fiance needs something in a man's size 34/36 in trousers and a large shirt size, but we don't know where to look.

MEAGAN SHAW 16 Sep 2017

I find Google is a life saver!

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 16 Sep 2017

Hi if you have a computer look on :)

Alison Jarvis
Alison Jarvis 17 Sep 2017

Hi, for you check out simply be they have some great outfits in your size at sale prices and at the moment there's 20%off they also do men's clothing, you could also check out other stores online such as John Lewis as there sale dresses are really cheap and you can save loads of money. Hope you find something that you like

Debi Pace
Debi Pace 17 Sep 2017

Try ebay or google it hun xx


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