UKbride Member Request 13 Sep 2017

How do I cancel my ukbride account?

How do I cancel my ukbride account?

Cassie Whitehead
Cassie Whitehead 13 Sep 2017

God knows but since signing up iv been receiving thank you for looking at our venue here are the details letters 😡

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 14 Sep 2017

Hi get in touch with UKbride IT dept :)

E Wilson
E Wilson 14 Sep 2017

If you go to your 'my details' page you can unsubscribe to the emails.

Rachael Hall
Rachael Hall 14 Sep 2017

Ask the shop if they have one similar but a cheaper price I did this. I tried on a dress £1200 I fell in love with it but I honestly couldn't afford that was thinking around the 800 mark. So I asked if they had a similar one she brought one back off the sale rail and it was £250 !! I was completely shocked and loved this Dress more, good luck xx

Emily Vincent
Emily V 14 Sep 2017

Email [email protected]

Kerrie Attridge
Kerrie Attridge 20 Sep 2017

Sorry to hear you are leaving xx


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