UKbride Member Request 12 Sep 2017

How long before the big day is best to order flowers? I'm having artificial...

How long before the big day is best to order flowers? I'm having artificial flowers. I'm not getting married until July 2019 but I'm seeing so many good deals/offers at the mo ????

E Wilson
E Wilson 12 Sep 2017

If you see what you want now get it. I am handmaking my flowers. Our wedding isn't until October 2019 but I am starting them now

Sharon  Fowles
Sharon Fowles 12 Sep 2017

I been doing my own artificial flowers already & getting married in August 2018.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 12 Sep 2017

Hi order now if you can :)

Tiffany Boot
Tiffany Boot 12 Sep 2017

I got mine last year and get married next year.

Sasha Clift
Sasha Clift 14 Sep 2017

I ordered my artificial ones end of last year, picked them up in July ready for October. Great thing with the going down the artificial route I'd you can do it whenever as long as you have somewhere dark to store them so they don't fade and makes it easier to budget and pay for them 😊

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 15 Sep 2017

I'm having fresh flowers (just hand tied) but have already bought some artificial roses to slot in with them just in case roses are too expensive at the time. Hopefully no-one will notice! As others say, get what you can as early as possible.


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