UKbride Member Request 5 Sep 2017

Best way to start planning the special day?

Best way to start planning the special day?

Amy B
Amy B 5 Sep 2017

start by sorting out a budget, then look at viewing/booking a venue and work around that x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 5 Sep 2017

Hi start with your budget then venue and registrar :)

Sadie Heads
Sadie Heads 5 Sep 2017

Theme/colour scheme,
Then dress xx

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 6 Sep 2017

First set your budget! We did date next, so we knew what time of year we would need, then the venue to make sue our ideal date would be available and to make sure the venue would be affordable at the time of year we wanted. Then the overall theme/feeling which went with the venue, colour scheme, were now doing flowers and cake which tie into the theme, then dress and bridesmaid dress will be next year. Also get yourself a folder! Good luck :-)


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