UKbride Member Request 1 Sep 2017

So, me and my h2b have been very lucky and my parents have paid in a lot to...

So, me and my h2b have been very lucky and my parents have paid in a lot to our wedding such as the venue and catering. However, his parents have not offered to contribute anything or even shown much interest into the wedding planning. I have been looking at thank you gifts and I know it's quite traditional to give the mother's flowers during/after the speeches but I don't really feel like his mother has done anything to receive the flowers/gift. How can I give one something but not the other?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 1 Sep 2017

Hi we have been lucky with the amount my parents are putting in my FMIL is not putting a hand in her pocket and has decided not to attend. My FFIL is giving us money towards our honeymoon and his partner is making our Wedding cake :)

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 1 Sep 2017

I'm stuck with this one too. My parents are being absolute diamonds and have contributed loads, but his parents haven't offered anything so far. However, I think that gifts are meant to be to thank the parents for raising you to be the people who you are rather than for financial contribution, so we'll probably still buy them something!

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 1 Sep 2017

Try thinking of it another way - you are thanking the parents for raising you and your H2B and for the support they have given you over the years rather than thanking them for what they did to contribute to the wedding. I think it's hard for the grooms side of the family sometimes because it is very much about the brides side and you never know they may just don't want to impose.

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 1 Sep 2017

The parents gifts are usually to thank them for raising you not to thank them for paying for the wedding.

Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor 2 Sep 2017

Maybe if you want to thank your parents for their financial contribution you can do something for them after the wedding. The parents gifts are for raising you so you can gifts for all parents and then if you'd like to, you can do something extra for yours to show how much their help has meant to you.


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