UKbride Member Request 24 Aug 2017

Any medicated or epileptic brides? I need to be able to take medication...

Any medicated or epileptic brides? I need to be able to take medication through out the day and was wondering where people were storing there meds during the day because I want to take them discreetly and not have to keep going off to my room to get them or keep asking someone to look after them for me to be able to take (I will not be having a bridal bag). Is there anything that anyone else will be doing?

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 25 Aug 2017

Perhaps your MoH could have a small evening bag behind her bouquet so that it looks like it is part of the outfit if it is seen?

Nicola Jones
Nicola Jones 25 Aug 2017

Good point. My h2b is type 1 diabetic and will need to inject insulin before our wedding breakfast. He can carry his blood monitor and pen with him like a wallet but testing and injecting with discretion..............??? Will follow this post :)

Dee Seaton
Dee Seaton 29 Aug 2017

My partner has FND and will need tablets I think the best man - her bro will keep them in his pocket


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