Erica Davies
Erica Davies 22 Aug 2017

few questions, i will post separately question 1 - favours - i dont want...

few questions, i will post separately question 1 - favours - i dont want them, i dont know if people expect them - and if i change my mind what are they, and what do u do for them.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 22 Aug 2017

Hi you don't have to get them I'm not having any :)

Emily Vincent
Emily V 22 Aug 2017

You don't have to. Some poeple do a charity donation. Some do little gifts (little soap / seeds ...). We have done a few chocs in a box.

Emma Nelson-Bailey
Emma Nelson-Bailey 22 Aug 2017

The 'tradition' was 5 sugared almonds to gift to your guests as a sign of appreciation from the bride and groom. The five almonds signify wishes for the couple of health, wealth, fertility, happiness and longevity.

However, now you can continue this, use something else, as Emily V suggests, a charity donation, (some charities will send you little pin badges for the favours) or a small gift.

I have decided to do a sweet cart, so people can pick what they like. The hire of the cart, jars, scoops and buying of bags and sweets comes to £90 from our florist.

It is entirely up to you, I personally wouldn't expect a favour, as I have seen with a few weddings I have been to, quite a few of them get left behind. I feel honoured to be asked to a wedding, especially knowing how much they cost, so I wouldn't mind not having a 'gift', I'm being fed and getting to share their special day.

Good luck.


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