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Weight plans that really work in time for your big day We’ve dedicated over 30 years of research and experience to create really effective diet plans Enables you to achieve your goals Balance your nutrition and enjoy what you’re eating Keeps you motivated Tick weight lose off the wedding list


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UKbride 5 Heart Rating
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UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Natalie Wilks
Fantastic plan to follow to lose weight and change unhelpful habits around food for life! wish id discovered it years ago.
I lost 3 stone in 3 months with LighterLife and gained so much awareness over why I've used food in the past. Not just for hunger but comfort, boredom, habits etc... Once I realised that, I was able to make changes in my life around my thoughts and actions with food so the weight I lost stayed off long term.
Great range of products meant I never got bored of flavours, and the weight loss every week was such a boost.
My one regret was the fact I wish I had discovered it sooner in my life, I gained more weight after having children but I wish id found this before I got married as I would have felt a million dollars on my wedding day.

UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Zoe and Steven
I lost 6 stone in 6 months and i'm now planning the wedding of my dreams
I don't think I would have even said 'yes' when my boyfriend proposed had I not been happy with my body but thanks to Lighterlife and my 6 stone weight loss, I'm now excited about dress shopping and being centre of attention on my special day.

I used the total plan to lose the weight initially but am now managing my weight loss using the flexi fasting plan. I have had to work on my behaviour with food a lot. Its not always easy but I just have to remind myself that no food tastes as good as being this slim feels.
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
alison lee
lost a stone in 5 weeks!!!!
I could arrange everything for my big day but i wanted to lose a couple of pounds. found lighterlife and never looked back