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    • CommentAuthorsoliah
      CommentTimeFeb 15th 2009 edited
    Most of my friends are male and i am really unsure as to whether men are 'alowed' on the hen night? they would deffinatly make it fun but i'm not sure what the protocall is.
    • CommentAuthorJosephine
      CommentTimeFeb 16th 2009 edited
    Most of my friends are male and i am really unsure as to whether men are 'alowed' on the hen night? they would deffinatly make it fun but i'm not sure what the protocall is. I'd say no way lol! THen it's not a hen night! Girls only xx
    • CommentAuthorbride2bexx
      CommentTimeFeb 16th 2009 edited
    Hi Soliah I know a couple of my friends have taken males mates with them on hen nights but i tend to think they should just be for us girlies. Why don't you arrange a night or pamper day for all the girlies and then have a meal or night out separately to include the men?
    • CommentAuthorsoliah
      CommentTimeFeb 17th 2009 edited
    thanks for the help girls. i might just do that.. though does mean there wont be all that many girlies on my hen night
    • CommentAuthorGracy
      CommentTimeFeb 19th 2009 edited
    i do not think that you should allow men on your hen night, take them out another night darling. xx
    • CommentAuthordrclove
      CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009 edited
    I don't see why not! I'm in a similar situation, most of my friends are male, and if I were to have it 'Girls Only', it would be a rather skimpy party! My hen night will be a chilled affair with my closest friends to celebrate the end of my single life, regardless of whether it's all-female or not.
    • CommentAuthorlooholmes
      CommentTimeFeb 24th 2009 edited
    I'm glad I'm not the only one having this dilema! Most of my mates are guys. I think there are only my bridesmaids and the ring bearers mum that aren't! This means I could go for a very small hen night and go for a civilised thing with mums etc. or invite the boys and have a bit of a party!??????
    What I plan to do is have a fun night out for ALL my friends, since most of them are male, AND have an american style "Wedding Shower" AND (greedy aren't I LOL) have a fun day out with my Mam-in-law, Sis-in-law and my other 2 bridesmaids to be (if the one coming from the States is going to be able to get and the one with the what will then be year and a half year old can get away from mummy duties!!). This way I get the best of everything (and the biggest sweetheart of a man to marry too... totally in love, me..you bet LOL!!). However to answer the question "Can men go on a hen night?".... well traditionally NO... however it's YOUR hen night and so it's really up to you isn't it! I don't see why not.... a lot of fun to be had, and provided the men don't mind Chippendale style strippers or anything else you have planned, I think some men will look very cute in Angel wings and halos or devil horns whatever is your preference for the hen night, and of course they all have to wear PINK!!!! Hey that'll be good for the photos and embarrassment purposes LOL!! Anyway, good luck everyone with their hen nights and of course wedding and subsequent happy marriages. Paula (Joelspinklioness) xx
    You should invite who u want 2 ur hen party, it is YOURs after all! I have a similar situation, I have alot more gay male friends than female and want my guy friends there too cos we ave loadsa fun! if anyone has a problem wi that then thats their tough cheese n they dont ave to come!! lol xxx