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The throwing of confetti is a tradition that is iconic in its own right, but as the world becomes ever more environmentally friendly, the way this tradition is carried out has to evolve in order to survive…

Decisions… Decisions… Decisions…

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So you’ve started planning your wedding, you have the theme set, and you just need to add the finishing touches that will make your wedding a day to remember. Wedding traditions are a must for most brides, with the throwing of confetti being a significant part in celebrating the joining of the happy couple.

The tradition of throwing confetti is an old Pagan rite to wish the newlyweds a fruitful union. This tradition has been carried on through the centuries, and throughout the world. In Italy, it is traditional to throw nuts, raisins or petals to promote fertility and prosperity, and in many countries it tradition to throw rice.

In modern times, it has become common practice to throw paper and petal over the newlyweds. It is thought that Ann Landers, an American columnist, is to thank for this after she invented a story saying that birds were exploding after eating dried rice at weddings.

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Confetti Ideas

Paper confetti has traditionally been used for many years, and comes in almost every colour you can think of.  Foil can also be used. Vintage wedding confetti is extremely popular right now, think Shakespeare, Pride and Prejudice, or your favourite piece of music.

Bubbles are a great alternative and look great on camera. Bubbles are eco-friendly, just make sure they won’t stain your wedding dress!

Petals are also eco-friendly. They are becoming ever more popular as they are long lasting, biodegradable and smell great too.

Balloon releases are a great alternative. They can include little messages and are visually beautiful, with a retro feel.

Animal releases are perfect for anyone wanting something a little different, from doves to butterflies, these make a great addition to any wedding.

There are so many possibilities, including ringing bells, sparklers, snow, and the throwing of seeds, rice, popcorn and glitter. Before deciding on what you want, speak to your church and venue, as some do not allow certain types of confetti.

Whatever you decide, be creative!

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